Chippy Lane Productions Ltd. was founded in 2016 by Rebecca Jade Hammond, a Cardiff born actor, writer and producer. Chippy Lane Productions Ltd. are Welsh Theatre makers, championing Welsh & Wales based creatives in and beyond Wales.

Chippy Lane Productions Ltd. will also champion Equality and Diversity in the Arts across the UK. Rebecca, as an activist and committee member for charity Act For Change, hopes to raise awareness of these important issues.

“So many of our most celebrated makers and writers came from the people and landscapes of the Celts. The Welsh now and throughout history have given us voices, songs, stories, poets and thinkers that have proved globally important (and shall still). Promoting and supporting this cultural heritage makes for a more diverse and therefore richer arts ecology in Britain.” 

unnamed-1   Act For Change 2016


Gary Owen, Brad Birch, Tim Price, Rhys Warrington, Jon Berry, Catrin Fflur Huws, Melanie Stevens, Viv Edwards, Ruth Majeed, Chris Harris, Emily Garside, Kevin Jones (winner of Chippy & Scratch Shorts Night 2017), Neil Bebber, Melanie Stevens, Jacob Hodgkinson, Poppy Corbett, Nicola Reynolds, Kelly Jones,  Kristian Phillips, Elizabeth Adlington, Greg Glover (winner of Chippy & Scratch Shorts Night 2018), Mark Jones, Ashna Rabheru

Jordan Bernarde, Sion Daniel Young, Sophie Melville, Ri Richards, Remy Beasley, Santino Smith, Lauren Gauge, Evelyn Campbell, Emma Jane Goodwin, Rhys Warrington, Rebecca Jade Hammond, Andrew David, Rikki Chamberlain, Andrea Edwards, Sion Alun Davies, Abigail Fitzgerald, Catherine Barrett, Graham Jones, Sam Harding, Melanie Stevens, John McLear, Julia Winwood, Naomi Morrison, Calrton Venn, Berwyn Pearce, Lisa Zahra, Branwen Summers, Sean Rhys James, Anna Clarke, Mark Matthews, Joe Tweedale, Toby Vaughan, Melissa Bayern, Delme Thomas, Jack Hammett, Tobias Weatherburn, Chris Hoskins, Jack DeVos, Charlotte Griffiths, Rebecca Ormrod, Roanna Lewis, Mica Williams, Rob Peacock, Suzy Gill, Michelle Luther, Gabrielle Sheppard, Sophie Hughes, Ella Gonzales, Sarah John, Ross Ford, Mali Ann Rees, Alex Griffin Griffiths, Kate Elis, Ashna Rabheru 

Chelsey Gillard, Izzy Rabey, Hannah Noone, Duncan Hallis, Kim Pearce, Francesca Goodridge, Christopher H. Thorpe, Michael Gilhooly, Becca Lidstone, Barnaby Hatch, Racquel King, Niamh Handley-Vaughan, Luke Hereford, Matthew Holmquist, Jac Ifan Moore, Poppy Corbett, Bryn Holding, Anna Poole, Tea Poldervaart, Laura Jasper, Siobhan Lynn Brennan, Clare Sturges



Rebecca Jade Hammond
Founder & Artistic Director

Jacob Hodgkinson
Associate Playwright

Andrew David
Creative Associate

Sophie Melville
Creative Associate

Rhys Warrington
Creative Associate